DAK Americas will be responsive to customer needs and meet customer demands for more sustainable solutions.

  • We will provide our customers with industry leading products, services, and customer care/stewardship.
  • We will expand our use and offerings of products produced from renewable feed stocks.
  • We will continue to expand and promote our recycling of post industrial and post consumer PET.

Examples of DAK Americas programs that support these goals and objectives:

  • Clear Path Recycling (CPR) Post consumer PET recycling joint venture with Shaw Industries.
  • Earth Day Celebrations focused on recycling and Community education on recycling materials.
  • Fiber PCR / PIR initiative – Increase the value of DAK produced internal fibers waste. Upgrade the value of our internal waste by producing or tolling it back into a fiber, instead of selling the waste (at reduced value) to RPET fiber producers and brokers.
  • Working to develop renewable polyester raw materials from sources that do not compete with food ¬†supplies.
  • Site and corporate quality resources devoted to addressing customer complaints and driving quality improvements.
  • New corporate resource added to address product stewardship and safety/regulatory issues, and related customer inquiries.